能源矿产 Energy Minerals



Investment, development and trade of energy and mineral resources



Give full play to the advantages of domestic and foreign resource to provide docking services between traditional energy information and trade;Participate in the investment and development of mineral resources; Promote the implementation of new energy products, technologies and scenario applications, and promote the green and low-carbon transformation and development of energy. At present, EUIEC cooperates with world-renowned energy and mineral resources enterprises to carry out international trade businesses such as LNG, coal, tin ore, petroleum and iron ore. It jointly planned and built the "Global Hydrogen Energy Industry Innovation Demonstration Zone" with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) Global Innovation Network Project ESG and other institutions. It cooperates with TGN Group, an Australian listed company, and the large enterprise group in the domestic rare metal industry, to jointly mine tungsten ore resources, and to process and sell follow-up products. Besides, we jointly participates in the development projects of Malaysia rare earth, Indonesian coal mine and tin mine. In China, EUIEC has also cooperated with central state-owned enterprises, local governments and partners to promote the development of diabase mines.

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